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Download Bible-Discovery for Android mobile devices

Download Bible-Discovery for Android. Version: 2.7.0

Updated: 2014-01-15

Here you can download the Android Bible program.

Bible-Discovery is available for free download on the Android Market! (Or search the word: biblediscovery)

Download from the Android Market Download from the Android Market

Off-line installation

Instructions for off-line installation of the program (if you don't download from the "Market")
Off-line installation of Bible translations, dictionaries and cross-references (if your mobile phone doesn't have Internet access)

The program can be used for all Android mobile phones with minimum 2.1 Android operating system.

1 MB
Click here to download the software for Android:
Download Bible-Discovery installer for Android BibleDiscovery.apk

It may occur that some browsers for example, Internet Explorer, doesn't save the file with apk extension, but they save it as a zip file. After downloading, the file must be renamed as an apk file, so that the off-line installation for mobile phone should work.


  • Only the base program (without Bible translations and modules)

Download Bible translations I. for Android Bible (Language: A-H)
Download Bible translations II. for Android Bible (Language: I-Z)
Download dictionaries for Android Bible
Download cross references for Android Bible

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